Slit Die Coater New Taku-Die Specifications


Small and Light

Savint cost

Suction table

Easy assemble

Die design

Simple liquid supply

Accurate liquid flow


Saving space,removable light weight

Min,10cc,no waste expensive coating liquid

Opening Dia 5μ , no suction-mark, no dry-spot

3-Die pieces assembling time 15min only

Highly presize coating with a lot of die lip design

Serving three functions(pump,tank,manifold)

Because of Same Width of piston plate and coating width



Coating Width




Glass,Film,Alm/Copper,Foil,Plastic sheet


Wet base1μ~1000μ



The principle is simple


Photoresist,Secondary,battery,Organic electoluminescence,Carbon ink,Insulation paint,Water repellent liquid,Super conductive material, Magnetic paint, Thermoplastic resin, Hotmelt resin, Liquid crystalUV curable resin Hard coat, Ceramics Anti-reflection, LR, AG, Adhesive resin


Table Coater

Wet On Wet Coating with Bar

Double Slit Coating

Stripe Coating

Intermittent Pattern

Simultaneous 2-layer Coating

On-Roll Coater

One-Roll Coating

Two-Rolls Coating

Roll-To-Roll Coating with


On-Roll Coater

This coating machine is designed for Web materials. However,liquid supply system and Coating Die Head unit are same concept design with New Taku Die Top feed and Side feed coating both are available.

There are 3 coating stages as below.

①Stage-1:One Roll Coater

Winding material on main roll and fix,you can get one roll length coated sample.

②Stage-2:Two Rolls Coater

Winding Material on two rolls and fix,you can get more longer length sample than One Roll type. Even easy folw liquid is stable on the material between two rolls

③Stage-3:Roll To Roll Coater

By addition Unwinder,Dryer and Winder, it become conplete Coater line.


Materials Plastic film,Metal foil,Paper
Materials Width Ma.300mm
Coating Width Ma.250mm
Coating Length 400mm
Coating Speed 100m/min