Specification Sheet New Taku-Die S & Mini

New Taku-Die S
New Taku-Die Mini
A.Rough Specification
Coating St and Control Box are combined in a Body Coating St is separated from Control Box.
Glass, PET Film, Metal Foil,Textile Metal Ditto to Left side
 3.Material Size
within 250mm square over 30mm square、within 120mm square
 4.Coating Width
50mm-250mm 25mm-100mm
 5.Coating length
30mm-300mm 20mm-150mm
 6.Coating Speed
1mm-300mm/sec Ditto
 7.Coating Specification
  ①Coating methods
Slit Die Ditto
  ②Coating thickness
Wet 2μ-1500μ Wet 2μ-1500μ
  ③Viscosity .Range
1-150,000cps 1cps-50,000cps
  ④Coating solutions
Solvent, Water base, UV Cure type Hot-Melt type(Option) Ditto
100-220V,50-60Hz,Single phase Ditto
  ②Compressed Air
0.4MPA(consumption 240cc/min) Unnecessary
230kg Coating St 80kg, Controll Box 20kg
 10.Machine Size
W900mm × D650mm × H1700mm W550mm × D330mm × H560mm
 1.Coating St    
  ①Body Alm Flame Structure Ditto
  Machine leveling bolt, 6positions Machine leveling bolts, 4positions
  With 6 Casters under box for machine movement without
  SUS cover plate around coating St. Ditto
  ②Drive Stepping Motor Ditto
   Rail Actuator +LM guide Actuator drive
  ③Suction Table Table Size: 300mm square 150mm square
  Suction Range:270mm square 120mm square
  Surface Material : Carbon made Ditto
  Suction Hole Dia: about 5μ Ditto
  SUS304 Suport Flame for table Ditto
  Table level adjusting bolts Ditto
  ④Coating Die Unit    
   ・Suport methods Machine side flames support Die Unit One side flame support Die Unit for easy operation in using Glove Box
   ・Die unit Up and Down By Air cylinder By motor
   ・Gap rough adjustment Manual Adjustment rough Gap Ditto
   ・Gap fine tuning Manual Adjustment strict Gap by 1μ with digital Indicator Ditto
   ・Die Head    
    Die A Liquid quantity 85cc(Max.300cc) Min 5cc-85cc
  Any quantity of solution available(Min10cc) Suck back solution system
    Die B Lip width 0.5mm-5mm Ditto
    Die C Lip width 0.5mm-2.5mm Ditto
  Slit width 30μ-1500μ Slit width 30μ-500μ
   ・SLT 30μ :1cps-20cps Ditto
   ・SLT 100μ:20cps-2000cps Ditto
   ・SLT 500μ:hundreds cps -
  10 thousands cps
   ・SLT1000μ:thousands cps -
  Lip cover with magnet attachment Ditto
  Die Lip Taper  0-0.8° 0~0.6
   ・Plunger unit up and down Driven by Stepping motor Ditto
Teflon seal(Inc 3pieces) Ditto
   ・Braket for Die unit One side Gap changeable by 150μ Ditto
 2.Tablet PC Input coating condition data located on Control Box Ditto
 3.Operation Desk Auto-manual buttons, 2-Starting buttons and emergency stop button On Controll Box
 4.Controll Box Control Unit, Vacuum Pump in Box Main SW, Breaker, Regulator, Pressure SW are installed at side part of machine Ditto
  ①Measuring Equipment
   for suction table
Measuring flatness of suction table, and adjust it by bolts. Ditto
  ②Area sensor This sensor for not to be nipped finger between table and Die Ditto
 6.Final acceptance Explanation machine structure,CHK details of machine Instruction of machine operation Free running, Coating Test Ditto
 7.Export packing and Included Ditto
 8.Super Visor  Leveling machine and Suction-table,free running, coating test Instruction machine operation,2P Ditto,1P
 1.Safety Box Interlock in opening door Supply/Exhaust window Ditto
 2.Exprosion prove Spec. Air Purge:Motor,Panel,Wiring Barrier relay:relay Ditto
 3.Cartridge heaters,sensor
  controller for Die
4-Heaters, 1-sensor, 1controller 2-heater, 1-sensor, 1controller
 4.Area sensors 2-Poles at front, or 4-Poles at 4corners Ditto
 5.Coating liquids,supply System Manual valve, pipe, tank No
 6.Suck back liquid system Min10cc Min.5cc
D.Two Layer Coating    
 1.Simultaneous 2-layer coating Die 2motors for 2Plungers Ditto
 2.Wet-On-Wet Die coating stations Twin coating stations Ditto
E.Out of scope
 1.Machine base,fixing machine on floor
 2.Clean specification of machine
 3.Exhaust equipment
 4.Machine illumination
 5.Utility and wiring , piping, ducting works
 6.Exprosion proof, anti vibration specification
 7.Specification of User's internal safety regulation
 8.Material and coating solution for coating test
 9.Spare parts
 10.Iron table for Die assembling
  ①Machine layout drawing
  ②Assemble drawing
  ③Electric wiring drawing
  ④Outside production list
  ⑤Instruction manual
  Die Gate Corp warrant to the original purchaser each product in material and workmanship under
  normal operating conditions for a period 12 months from the date of shipment from Die-Gate Corp.
  Under this warranty the obligation of Die Gate is limited to repairing any product that proves defective
  within the warranty period, if such product are returned to Die Gate with transportation charges
   prepaid. This warranty shall not apply to fuses,lamps, battery and so on, or other items, which are
  expendable due to normal, wear, unless otherwise indicated damage cause by improper operating
  conditions misuse negligence or the alteration or removal of the nameplate will void this warranty.
  Die-Gate confirm no defect of product appearance, each mechanical movement actual coating in
  the presence of a purchaser in conformity with inspection sheet.
  When all operation training and maintenance explanation are practiced, this product is considered
  Die Gate doesn't guarantee coating accuracy be cause of many kinds of factors to influence it, but
  guarantee Mechanical accuracy of Coating Die and Flatness of Suction Table.

New Taku-Die S